The Place I Left Behind

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Track Listing

1. West Side Street
2. The Place I Left Behind
3. Mary's Gone
4. Virginia
5. Sugar Mama
6. The Banks of the Leopold Canal
7. Big City Lights
8. Back Alley BLues
9. I Just Can't Lose
10. Never Prove False
11. Dear John
12. The Ballad of Frank Dupree
13. Oh, What a Life


The Deep Dark Woods wake the ghosts of Appalachia with their prairie gothic pyre-side tales. On their new record, The Place I Left Behind, the band finds continuity in themes of temporal and geographic alienation, neglected inward trails, and the scars of abandoned intimacies.

A rainstorm over the desert of modern music, The Place I Left Behind offers murder ballads alongside scrappy rockers, lovesick hymnals and slow-dance waltzes. The album illuminates folk traditions without stripping the shadows of roots music history. The Place I Left Behind echoes with traces of time and space that are never fully abandoned or forgotten.

This album was released on October 18, 2011.

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