Track Listing

  1. Rattlin' Bones
  2. Once in a While
  3. Sweetest Waste of Time
  4. Monkey on a Wire
  5. One More Year
  6. The House that Never Was
  7. Wildflower
  8. No One Hurts Up Here
  9. The Devil's Inside My Head
  10. Sleeping Cold
  11. Adeline
  12. Jackson Hole
  13. Your Day Will Come
  14. Woe Is Mine


From the moment you hear those opening lines of Rattlin’ Bones, the first song that husband-and-wife team Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson wrote together, you know you are in the presence of something special.

The voices join and rise in a meeting as pure and as natural as a country morning. And they keep on doing it - obviously, these two were born to sing together - across the 14 extraordinary tracks of Rattlin' Bones, their first album together.

It's the start of a musical partnership that once more emphasizes Chambers’ title as Australia's greatest alt country performer, and which introduces Nicholson as the perfect foil for her as a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

For Chambers, it's a return to a sound that draws deep on the roots of country music, songs of yearning and hurt and hope, a place - like life - where joy and sorrow walk close at hand.

It is also proof that you don't have to be heartbroken to write songs that delve deep into the emotions. For this couple, last year was the happiest of their lives, punctuating the birth of their son Arlo with a low-key series of performances together and a flurry of songwriting that has produced a landmark album in the story of Australian country music.

This is premium-grade alt country, an album that can sit proudly on the shelf beside classics from the likes of Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch.