The Infamous Stringdusters

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Track Listing

1. Won't Be Coming Back
2. Well, Well
3. When Silence is the Only Sound
4. Bound for Tennessee
5. Glass Elevator
6. Three Days in July
7. The Way I See You Now
8. Golden Ticket
9. I Wonder
10. Get It While You Can
11. You Can't Handle the Truth
12. Lovin' You
13. Black Rock



“Picking up where the recently disbanded Nickel Creek left off, the Stringdusters rise to the challenge of their reputation on this collection. They may soon have to deal with being well-known-rather than merely infamous.” – Michael McCall, Associated Press

With "The Infamous Stringdusters", the award-winning sextet has put on record the dynamic of intimacy and virtuosity that distinguishes their live shows. The album is both a nod to traditions and a challenge to conventions, proving that the Infamous Stringdusters’ combination of innovation and experience has truly molded a new level of newgrass music.