Third-Generation Blues

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Track Listing

1. Turn The Lamps Down Low (Honey Please Don't Go)
2. If I Were A Carpenter
3. House Of The Rising Sun
4. Gypsy Davey
5. St. James Infirmary
6. Uncloudy Day
7. South Coast
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Train Whistle Blues
10. Moody River
11. Columbus Stockade Blues
12. Walk On Boy
13. Summertime
14. Precious Lord Take My Hand


Many of bluegrass legend Doc Watson's best-loved recordings were made with his guitar-playing son Merle, who died at a tragically young age. On THIRD GENERATION BLUES Merle's son Richard takes up the baton, and the result is an album that recalls Doc and Merle's glory days. Doc's calmly intense vocals are as effective as ever. Time may have snuck his voice a bit lower in register, but that only adds to its often-chilling resonance.

One of the most interesting aspects of this album is that, while it digs deeps into the folk traditions of American music, it doesn't contain many actual bluegrass songs. From the blues chestnut "Honey Please Don't Go" (more commonly known as "Baby Please Don't Go") to "House of the Rising Sun" and Tim Hardin's folk-rock ballad "If I Were A Carpenter," Doc and Richard weave disparate musical strands into an appealing garment that bears an authentic bluegrass veneer.