Round the Table Again

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Track Listing

1. Lynchburg Town
2. Coo Coo Bird
3. Blues Walkin' Round My Bed
4. She's So Sweet
5. On a Monday
6. Working Man Blues
7. Jimmie's Mean Momma Bluesn
8. Walking in Jerusalem
9. Show Bizness
10. Sincerely
11. Battle of Nashville
12. You Ain't Going Nowhere
13. C.C. Rider
14. Court on High
15. Nights in White Satin
16. Sugar Babe


"Genre-spliced blues, country, folk, rock and bluegrass with youthful irreverence .... ROUND THE TABLE AGAIN was recorded at the 2001 [Merle Fest]....the recording captures the energy and warmth of the performances..."- CMJ