Bluegrass Guitar

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Track Listing

1. Hangman's Reel
2. Daley's Reel
3. The High Road
4. Big Sandy River
5. Back Up And Push
6. Margaret's Waltz
7. High Heel Shoe Intro
8. High Heel Shoe
9. Nelia's Dance
10. Whippersnapper
11. Roanoke
12. Beaumont Rag
13. The Storms Are On The Ocean


Bluegrass guitarist Bryan Sutton isn't one of Nashville's most in-demand session players for nothing, as is evident on his second solo outing, the appropriately titled Bluegrass Guitar. Straightforward and clean, Sutton's fingers fly over top of these 12 tunes, accompanied by simple banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and bass. The warmth and intent of the music is clear and honest, and the musicianship of Dennis Crouch, Tim Crouch, Tim O'Brien, and David Talbot locks in nicely with Sutton's fingerpicked leads. The majority of the songs are traditional folk and bluegrass numbers, with a handful of recent compositions by Béla Fleck, mandolinist O'Brien, and one by Sutton himself, all of which contain the same thread of authenticity, making Bluegrass Guitar a sunny continuation of the evolution of American acoustic music. ~ Zac Johnson