Track Listing

“…Some of the absolute best, boldest music of her career, adopting a back-to-basics approach that has led her back to her East Tennessee roots, and hence her muse…. A showcase of a hugely important American artist at full power.” –Billboard

 Dolly’s third album for Sugar Hill, recorded with her own touring band the Blueniques! Dolly shines as always with her own stellar songwriting—the result of a recent songwriting binge—such as the clever title track, the attitude-laden I’m Gone, and the emotive Dagger Through The Heart, which has all the makings of an instant bluegrass/country masterpiece. And of course, Dolly displays her usual creative and ambitious choice of cover material by recording her own rendition of rock anthem Stairway To Heaven. “She has proven herself to be the rarest of figures, a singer and songwriter who became a superstar yet retained the skills and impulses of a serious, seriously driven artist... An artist of extraordinary skill and astonishing vitality.” –Grant Alden, No Depression


1. Halos And Horns
2. Sugar Hill
3. Not For Me
4. Hello God
5. If
6. Shattered Image
7. These Old Bones
8. What A Heartache
9. I'm Gone
10. Raven Dove
11. Dagger Through The Heart
12. If Only
13. John Daniel
14. Stairway To Heaven