Track Listing

1. No More To Leave You Behind
2. Fork in the Road
3. Starry Night
4. 3 x 5
5. 40 West
6. Tragic Life
7. Poor Boy's Delight
8. No Resolution
9. My Destination
10. Letter From Prison
11. Dream You Back
12. Moon Man


2007 International Bluegrass Music Association Album Of The Year

The Nashville-based band brings youthful innovation and vigor to bear on the timeless bluegrass form. The six musicians are schooled in tradition yet able to stretch out in jam band style improvisation; their closeness of mind and prodigious talents make for tight, quick-moving live shows that sparkle with an infectious energy. On "Fork In The Road" the band blazes through a set of originals and contemporary covers, showing off adept vocal harmonies and trademark bluegrass instrumental breaks.