Uncle Kracker's "Blue Skies"

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Uncle Kracker stands alone in a field, calling a groggy band member. Uncle Kracker asks: “Weʼre supposed to film today! Where is everybody?!” The band member responds: “Oh man…we partied with the director last night and he blew the budget on tequila…” The call drops.

What next? 

He dials Pete, his 12-year-old cousin: “Hey man, you still got those cameras you told me about?” The confused cousin says yes. Matt (Uncle Kracker) smiles: “Well get over here, youʼre my video director!”

The video chronicles the bossy pre-teen "directing" Uncle Kracker on a beautiful "Blue Skies" day and the result is a high-energy, fun, new video from the main ingredient in any summer soundtrack! 

Enjoy "Blue Skies" from Uncle Kracker!